Privacy Policy

iCrypt is designed as solution where privacy matters. Therefore all the information provided from end users are stored only for the predefined time period and then removed from all our servers. We do not store any private information that would lead to connection with physical user (e.g. device ID, phone number, user’s identity, IP addresses).

In case you would still have any pending questions regarding your data privacy and security, please feel free to contact us at

1. Personal data

No data that would lead to disclosure of real user’s identity are not collected or stored. Only information stored are those provided directly by user and this contains only user name and avatar photo.

2. Messaging security

Content of your data is protected even from our eyes – iCrypt uses end-to-end encryption and we as system operator have no knowledge of private keys which are the only way how to decrypt the data provided.

All data transmissions are done in protected transmission layer using HTTPS protocol – this is same technology as e.g. all banks are using to protect your in-transmission data. This secures the meta-data (like headers, recipient and sender information) on the way to our servers and back especially when you are using public internet connections.

3. Anonymous statistical data

For statistical purposes we utilize Google Analytics in iCrypt to collect completely anonymous data of overall iCrypt system utilization. The reason of doing so is that we would like to be able to continuously improve performance of our system and those data should help us to do so. We do not provide to Google any private information or information that could disclose connection to user name or any other account property. This option is enabled by default but in case you are not feeling comfortable with this, you can opt-out any time in Settings – Privacy in your iCrypt.

4. AvatarĀ images

As avatar photos are shared with everyone who adds you to contact list, those photos are encrypted during the transmission but not on the iCrypt server. By nature of this feature we do recommend to consider the privacy level of the photo before uploading it as your avatar.